Plant Vitality Plus

Offers plants that extra boost and lease of life, benefitting even stressed plants. Effective immediately following use. Reduces risk of predatory infestation, including mites and aphids, also scarab flies in soil. Enhances resistance to disease. Increases folia output and growth in stomata.

Kills Spidermites

One of the most popular uses for Plant Vitality Plus is the extermination of spidermite infestation on crops. For further info and an expert video visit how to kill spidermite website.


Dangerous to bees and some marine life. Do not apply where bees are actively foraging. Keep away from ponds where marine life may be present. Keep away from children. Keep lid tightly closed and store in a safe place. Biodegradable. Please recycle container when empty.

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Plant Vitality Plus is available in 1 litre and 5 litre
1 litre spray bottle of Plant Vitality Plus From our official UK distributor